5 Reasons Why Zoptiks is Essential for Your Zoo

If you're reading this, then you are seriously considering Zookit... thank you! We'd love to have you onboard, but here are five reasons why we believe ZooKit will be essential to your zoo

  1. Virtual Tours and Covid-19 When COVID-19 hit, zoos around the world were devastated. Like any other business, your zoo relies on ticket and product sales, and unlike many businesses, zoos have constant operational costs. With Zoptiks, we help you bring your zoo virtual! This could be an easy way to launch donation campaigns, showcase news and events, and, most importantly, stay connected with your customer base.

  2. An Affordable Paper Map Replacement Giant paper maps are old school, and if you're getting premium ink on there is expensive. Imagine having a never-ending supply of maps, always accessible, and continuously working for your zoo. The PDF picture on your website works great, but millennial moms love having a premium digital experience.

  3. The Zoptiks Synergy Since Zoptiks services all kinds of zoological organizations worldwide and we market our sister product: Zoopedia, we're constantly nurturing people interested in wildlife every day. By being on the Zoptiks platform, you are going to show up when Zoopedia readers are ready to visit a zoo. We estimate that 5 extra family visits lets you break even on your ZooKit investment. Now that's what I call a win-win-win

  4. Zoopedia and Our 4D Models Augmented reality is expensive; if you were to make your own AR Zoo Map App, it would easily cost you six-figures. With Zoptiks, we can optimize our AR models and deliver current, reliable information and photography at an affordable price. Did I mention that we take care of all the IT and constantly add more animals and models? Give your IT team a break and your marketing team a Swiss-knife.

  5. Customer Service and Rapid Implementation Lastly, working with us is like riding a bike again. Sure sometimes there's going to be some new topics that you might not understand and it might get shaky, don't worry though! We'll be your training wheels. In fact, during the onboarding process, we upload and do the majority of the heavy lifting for you. We know your in it for the long haul, and wouldn't you rather work with a company with the same values as you? You will not find a hungrier, eager to please service anywhere in the world. So please sit back, relax, and enjoy that cup of coffee while we digitalize your zoo in less than 2 weeks.

Last updated on 7th July 2020

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