How are people using Zoptiks?

At Zoptiks our goal is not to replace you as a zoo, its to introduce wildlife to a heavy tech generation through you, so they'll be eager to visit a zoo in real life. Think of us as your next-gen digital partner. Asides from the marketing aspect, we provide functional digital maps that can replace your existing paper map as well as give you access to all other features like analytics, postcard marketing, and more!

Kids love taking fun pictures with our roaring dinosaurs and are fascinated when they can 'touch' a shark from their phone. Adults and children are alike are fascinated by the experiences!

We're also working with a few local hospitals to bring animal postcards to their children's ward! This way we bring the zoo to people who need it the most and at the same time market your zoo. Imagine a child, playing with a running tiger, gets curious about other animals and starts exploring Zoptiks... he stumbles upon our field trips section and bam! Your zoo shows up in all its glory. 

That's a process that we see happening all the time.

Last updated on 7th July 2020

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